• We wanted a corporate video for our company AncoferWaldram Steelplates with a specific and professional feel to it. The team of Hans van der Klok Productions did this very well. Pleasant cooperation and a great team to work with. We are very pleased with the end result.

    Joost van Dijk
    Joost van Dijk AncoferWaldram Steelplates
  • I got to know Hans, his company and his network of specialists during several video projects as engaged professionals who strive to perfection. Hans is highly motivated and delivers high-end video and audio. Although his perfectionism he is flexible and open for tips and suggestions. Hans is great to work with, the positive atmosphere and helps a lot and we never had an argument. With that being said and the rock-solid results that Hans van der Klok Productions has given us, I can recommend him and his team with no doubt.

    Rob de Voogd
    Rob de Voogd ERIKS
  • We worked together with Hans van der Klok Productions to create a short and convincing company movie. The process was very organized: We had regular predefined coordination meetings with many constructive proposals. The video shoot was professional and we received high quality scenes with great expressiveness. I can recommend Hans van der Klok Productions as a young and creative team that is reliable and flexible to customer requirements.

    Lena Pfeil
    Lena Pfeil Weber-Hydraulik
  • We experienced our cooperation as pleasant and we are pleased with the final result.

    Wilma Tuk
    Wilma Tuk Bonusan
  • Hans is a professional. With fervor he delivered more than excellent work. Knowledgeable, reliable, involved and, to the limit.

    Annemarije Tillema
    Annemarije Tillema Sustainble Brand Index
  • Worked together with Hans and his crew on our corporate video. Hans has a professional approach. Is extremely careful in the process and cooperative on the content. His drive makes cooperation enjoyable and he critically keeps everyone keen to achieve a good result. I can recommend Hans van der Klok Productions to anyone!

    Angelique Derks
    Angelique Derks Mosadex Group
  • What a wonderful performance Hans van der Klok delivered for the project 'Nationale Synode'. His task was to create eight video portraits for different churches in The Netherlands. Precisely because of its large filmic qualities Hans van der Klok Productions brought this assignment to an impressive outcome. We are greatly indebted to Hans.

    Gerrit de Fijter
    Gerrit de Fijter Stichting Nationale Synode
  • Just like in 2013 Hans van der Klok Productions once again produced a corporate film. The new film complies to all the expectations announced beforehand. The patient approach, craftsmanship and attention to detail gave us the confidence in a proper completion of a project.

    Heico van der Meulen
    Heico van der Meulen Joop van Zanten Staalservice
  • Hans van der Klok Productions made a wonderful testimonial series for us. Their craftsmanship, overview and commitment have led to the desired result. They thereby made the motto "go the extra mile" more than true.

    Hans Bouhuys
    Hans Bouhuys IW4
  • Craftsmen. That's how I experienced the collaboration with Hans van der Klok Productions. Hans and his team have a passion for their work, a good eye for detail and they make beautiful images. They are actively involved and are critical on content and form. The team is very thorough in the work they do and the commitments they make. Because of his quiet way of working and being a good listener, it's a joy working together with Hans and his team.

    Margot van den Beuken
    Margot van den Beuken Bevlogen Beeldproducties
  • Again I worked nice and successfully with Hans van der Klok Productions commissioned by the Foundation National Synod. In five minutes with catchy images (even with a drone!) and excellent quotes summarize a few years process is a challenge that Hans and his team completed satisfactorily.

    Maarten Ouweneel
    Maarten Ouweneel Stichting Nationale Synode
  • Hans van der Klok Productions has made a great movie for our web site. We have experienced the team as highly experienced. They have an eye for detail, are friendly, think and listen to our wishes. The cooperation was good and fast.

    Mary Castro
    Mary Castro Perfo.nl
  • Hans van der Klok Productions made a film for our branche association in which the importance of sprinklers within fire safety is brought to the attention. The team is very involved, they really get to know the subject and our message. They go a long way to make our goals possible, even when the film is finished! I was impressed by the sincere interest for our clients and the details with which they made the film.

    John van Lierop
    John van Lierop Dutch Association for Fire Safety
  • We are very proud of our new corporate video that we made in collaboration with Hans van der Klok Productions. The preparations, execution and post-productions was very professional and done with a lot of enthusiasm. The team of Hans van der Klok was very creative and knew exactly how to give shape to this challenge! With this video we hope to show everyone that we are one of the best when it comes to precision metalworking.

    Eric Goorsenberg
    Eric Goorsenberg Fijnmechanische Industrie Goorsenberg
  • Hans van der Klok Productions doesn't need much info. After a sunny autumn day and a drone-flight-with-camera we had a fantastic product with a fitting name 'epic-movie'. Thanks to Hans van der Klok Productions we can look back to a successful video!

    Judith Pierik
    Judith Pierik Hogeschool VHL
  • It's the attention Hans van de Klok Productions has when on set, the high-end video that he delivers, the positive attitude he had during conversations and his creativity that eventually had the right impact. To make a long story short the team of Hans van der Klok Productions has added value! It seems logical, but it is remarkable. In our full confidence we recommend Hans van der Klok Productions.

    René Kooijman
    René Kooijman ASB B.V.
  • Hans van der Klok Productions has delivered seven animations in different languages to promote the Exact Online mobile app. The collaboration was ideal and smooth! Being a customer of Exact Online, they didn't just think about the creation and the ultimate goal, but also about the reality. Are these really the advantages that the app has to offer? In other words, a perfect combination. Hans van der Klok Productions has an eye for detail and can really place themselves into the clients position.

    Wendy Groenewegen
    Wendy Groenewegen Exact Online
  • I have worked with Hans van der Klok Productions on a customer video as an employee of DIN Solutions. The collaboration was very enjoyable. The team has a professional approach, fast communication and a well considered and creative vision on how to make a film. We are very pleased with the end result!

    Lynne van Hasselt
    Lynne van Hasselt DIN Solutions
  • The people at Hans van der Klok Productions are professionals that introduced us in the world of film and animation. They have a structured work ethic which implies that it's a daily routine for them. In short: they know what they're talking about. Great!!

    Hajo Kanters
    Hajo Kanters Quadira
  • We got to know Hans van der Klok Productions as a team with passion for their profession. They are creative, innovative but also critical as they go for the best product. It is a pleasure to work with them.

    Ronald Majoor
    Ronald Majoor Castanea Business Brokers
  • The team at Hans van der Klok Productions is very professional and they think along! This applies to the filming on location, the interviews and editing. We have worked together with a lot of fun and can recommend them to anyone.

    Hans Tromp
    Hans Tromp The Hague University
  • Hans van der Klok Productions made an introduction film for us and we are very pleased with the quality. It is pleasant to work with the team knowing the project management is in good hands.

    Jan Willem Vernhout
    Jan Willem Vernhout CoThink B.V.
  • Hans van der Klok Productions gave us peace of mind. The team put a lot of effort in the preparations and the shooting of the film. They put the people who are being interviewed at ease and with creative inputs they raised the films far above average.

    Jan Jaap Karsten
    Jan Jaap Karsten Royal Jongbloed B.V.
  • Collaborating with Hans van der Klok Productions is professional and enjoyable. Thanks to the team we managed to make abstract information insightful for a broad audience. Within the agreed conditions and with eye for detail, Hans van der Klok Productions produced several videos that greatly impressed the imagination.

    Phillip Appels
    Phillip Appels University VHL
  • Hans van der Klok Productions is able to capture the distinctive qualities of Brink Tuinen thanks to their experience and commercial skills. Not an extensive film but just the information our clients really need! And the result is great.

    Aleidus van den Brink
    Aleidus van den Brink Brink Gardens
  • From the first idea to the presentation at the congres we had a very good and intensive collaboration. Thanks to the strong engagement and interest in the subject, their ability to symphatize in our ambitions, their skill, patience and perfectionism, we now have three beautiful films. We are very pleased with the end result!

    Janneke Krooneman
    Janneke Krooneman University of Groningen
  • We at Vehicle Systems Engineering B.V. had need for a corporate film in which we could give a brief and powerful impression of our company. Hans van der Klok Productions translated our wishes formidably. Their passion and enthusiasm stood out immediately. We are all very satisfied with the end result and the follow up care!

    Johan Verwoert
    Johan Verwoert Vehicle Systems Engineering B.V.
  • As a photographer I often work with filmmakers, but none can reach the level of Hans van der Klok Productions. This level of quality is not just because of the films they make. I see them do things that many other filmmakers forget: to delve into the client. What is the question behind the question? I can sincerely recommend Hans van der Klok Productions for making a good commercial or corporate film.

    Robert Zwart
    Robert Zwart Beeldkracht
  • The entire proces of creating a corporate film (start-up, interviews, shooting, edit and eventually the result) has been a very relaxing and pleasurable proces. The end result fits perfectly with the personality of our business. We are very satisfied about the collaboration with Hans van der Klok Productions.

    Herm Slagmoolen
    Herm Slagmoolen All Dent - Dental Equipment
  • Thanks to the professional approach an animation series was produced that clearly represent our products and services. The end result receives a very positive response both inside and outside our business. We look forward to working together again in the future.

    Stefan von der Heide
    Stefan von der Heide Balance Point Control B.V.
  • I approached Hans van der Klok Productions to make an introduction film for ZZP-Next Accountants. The purpose of this film was to clarify our services. I had no idea what the process of making a film was like, but they accompanied me step by step. They were very patient, even when ideas changed during the process and several adjustments had to be made. I am very satisfied with the result and therefore would like to recommend Hans van der Klok Productions.

    Alja Köhnen
    Alja Köhnen ZZP-Next Accountants
  • Customers expect top quality. As an instigator for a new state of the art datacenter in Ede, The Netherlands, is it very important to me to work with professional people in my network. I found this mentality at Hans van der Klok Productions. Therefore I will not hesitate to recommend them in my network.

    Fius van Laar
    Fius van Laar DC Valley
  • Hans van der Klok Productions made a pitch film for me and several video blogs. I am very happy with the result. From the start the team collaborated with me about which lines to use and during shootings they put me at easy very quickly. What strikes me was the punctuality with which the shoot was prepared. It was nice to hear from people who watched my videos that I was 'really myself'. If you ever want to shoot a video blog or a video pitch, I sincerely recommend Hans van der Klok Productions.

    Martine Floor-Bron
    Martine Floor-Bron MBEE Communication and Advice