The road to a successful video begins with an acquaintance. Who are you? What do you do? What kind question are you asking us? Creative ideas are often created on the spot and give a good head start for everything that follows. We create on the basis of the brainstorm 3 concepts. We love to know which one speaks to you the most. Do you want to know what kind of questions you could expect during our intake? Take a look at some here.



Based on your choice we determine the main guidelines and work towards a complete concept. Are we both happy with it? Then we write a filmscript in which we translate the ideas we have.


Film & editing

The finished script forms the base for the film recordings and the edit. Because we documented everything in detail, we can work efficiently during the recording day(s). And, we love innovation. Thats why we work with the newest equipment.



While we write, film and edit we create a dashboard where you can see the progress that we made. You get an exclusive link to this dashboard and you can follow the progress on foot. That way you have all the information you need at one place and you get updated on any recent developments.



The last feedback is digested in the concept film, the last finishing touches are made and the last improvements are applied. 100 percent satisfied? Then it’s time to publish the film. Ready to go viral! To make sure your film receives a lot of views, we offer support with previously set goals in mind. We plan several checks and make sure your film stays on top of the lists.